Traditionally Construction workers have been journeymen. They learnt their trade under a mentor and thereafter became independent practitioners.

In modern times too in these construction tradesman do not have security of employment and not much social status. Furthermore due to the breakdown of the mentoring system, uniformity of standards and quality of product has suffered.

Identifying some of these issues Sanken Lanka (Pvt) Ltd proceeded to rectify them by establishing Skills Training & Management (Pvt) Ltd .

To be the leading vocational training institute in Sri Lanka, acceptable internationally to industry requirements.
To provide best vocational training to people in construction industry on basis of improving capabilities, capacities and performance by systematic development of knowledge and skills necessary so that the product shall satisfactorily perform both in Sri Lanka and Overseas.
Aims & Objectives
  • Establishment of a trades skills school to teach skills of the Construction industry to those school leavers who have a basic general education and thereby adding value to those entering the labour market annually.

  • Introduce modern methods and techniques along with tools and machinery to upgrade the image of the Tradesman as befitting a Construction Technician and thereby encourage youngsters to join the industry.

  • Trade test and certify as per state approved standards so that uniformity of product output is assured.

  • Encourage individual tradesman to register with the Management am of Skills Training & Management (Pvt) Ltd so that they secure regular employment as employee of Skills Training & Management (Pvt) Ltd.

Quality Policy

Skills Training & Management (Pvt) Ltd endeavors to train students as disciplined, capable and innovative technicians and benchmark the training to government recognized standards of the industry.

Skills Training & Management (Pvt) Ltd also secure their employment and introducers them to the Construction industry as technicians delivering and uniform produce output.

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